Nursery and school from 6 months to 11 years

Parents' Review

A wonderful, family-run school that nurtures the needs and talents of each individual child. We’re delighted that we chose to send our two daughters to Saint Ange and would recommend the school in a heartbeat

Eloise, Mom of Eve and Siena,
From UK

I would like to extend my gratitude for what the school and teachers do for my son

A.S. (Following the reduction granted by the school in covid 2021)

We are very happy at this school; by the end of his first year, our son understood a lot of French and was not afraid to speak it. The school, being small, allows us to have a very organised control of the behaviour and needs of the pupils in a more personalised way.

Carlos, Iker’s dad,
From Mexico.

A phenomenal school that is caring and attentive to every child and their specific needs. Line and team have created a wonderful environment for learning and creativity to flourish amongst the children. A particular highlight is the 'personalised' school report charting the activities your child has undertaken during term. You know it's a great school when your child runs off to greet his schoolmates every single morning!

Christine & Alex, parents of Thomas
From England & South-Africa

I would like to say how much we really appreciate Saint Ange

L.K. (Following the reduction granted by the school in covid 2021)

Thanks for the school’s understanding & we highly appreciate your effort in collaboration with the APE

T. A. (Following the reduction granted by the school in covid 2021)

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